The Zen of Life

Life is impossible. Nothing can exist because there can be no Beginning, no Future and no Present. We are a Figment of Nothingness.

Logic dictates that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, or so Newton led us to believe.  We can’t exist without our parents and their parents down the evolutionary road into the primordial slime and what came before.

Let’s imagine the sound of clapping and mediate upon just one hand and not the other, what does it sound like? Now imagine an action, a beginning, without a reaction and no cause, what does it feel like?

In this world nothing adds up. A circle is an idea, a perfect round shape, yet we can’t determine the exact circumference with absolute precision. Pi being a irregular number has prevented it.  It seems that everything in the material world is an attempt to imitate the perfect world of abstractions but always fails.

The perfect world of abstractions is the realm of the gods.  It is eternal where every shape fits perfectly into the other, where a circle is round with absolute precision and a line straight with no deviation whatsoever.

Plato, Pythagoras, it appears, got it right after all.  In an age of computers, virtual reality and robotics their ideas are increasingly being confirmed  that numbers and abstractions are the foundations of all matter. Abstractions are eternal truths because a circle will always be a perfect round shape. In the material world there are only appearances of shapes, a circle appears to be round, a square to be square and a line to be straight, yet each on closer inspection will be flawed, a circle never perfectly round, a square is really irregular shaped and the line never really straight.

Life always strives towards the abstraction but never achieves its perfect state and therefore always resigns into death and rebirth.  Life is therefore a moving state from birth to death and from death to rebirth, or a constant state of flux from chaos to near abstraction and back into chaos.  The abstractions have no beginning and therefore no end. They don’t move, don’t change but remain perfect at all times.

In this puzzle there still remains the question about the cause of this process for even here an eternal regress is impossible. It is easy to believe that abstractions are eternal because without movement there is no change and therefore no regression is necessary. In an eternal regression of events however there is always the chicken and egg question, was chaos at the beginning and life the consequence of the attraction towards perfection – or did a perfect state fall into chaos before it was lifted up towards the abstractions?

Another possibility here is that the world we perceive is not real, indeed, but a mere reflection of the abstractions in our consciousness. Nothing moves apart from ourselves in a labyrinth of abstractions – and through our movements we create the illusion of a wold that merely appears to move around us.  If we stopped moving, the whole world would come to a standstill.