The Propensity to Believe

We are Magical Beings in a scientific age.  Notwithstanding all the remarkable achievements of our species n terms of understanding and harnessing nature, we are born to magical thought and not to reason. James E. Alcock The real challenge of our age is to liberate ourselves from our own irrational tendencies to believe without questioning. […]

A reason to live

As an atheist one is often challenged to explain the reason for living.  One could look at life as a playground where the ultimate goal is to have as much fun as possible.  Once the fun is over it’s time to go.  There’s no point in going on with life if it’s not enjoyable anymore, […]

Can a Christian be your friend?

There is no real hesitation for me in answering this question. I have many friends who are Christians and had some serious discussions with them about the Christian faith.  Never once did I  get the feeling that there was a point beyond which I couldn’t go before my life was at risk. For years I […]