Why should we care?

I’m often asked why we should care about what really happened at 9/11, or the Watergate Scandal, or the Kennedy Assassination.  We’ll never find out so what’s the point in pursuing the truth?  Evidence is destroyed, witnesses silenced, many of them dead by now and those who aren’t don’t dare to speak up out of […]


Only a few days to Christmas and how much I look forward for this madness to be over.  Some say it’s one of the most stressful periods of the year, what should really be a period of reflection has become a war zone.  Instead of spending more time with loved ones we’re acting like sharks at […]

Can a Christian be your friend?

There is no real hesitation for me in answering this question. I have many friends who are Christians and had some serious discussions with them about the Christian faith.  Never once did I  get the feeling that there was a point beyond which I couldn’t go before my life was at risk. For years I […]

If Nazi’s did what Islamists do, the country would be up in arms to stop it. What is it about religion that makes us turn a blind eye? They exploit our tolerance to undermine democracy and free speech and we just sit back and let it happen. Are soaps, sport, a celebrity cult and playing […]