A reason to live

As an atheist one is often challenged to explain the reason for living.  One could look at life as a playground where the ultimate goal is to have as much fun as possible.  Once the fun is over it’s time to go.  There’s no point in going on with life if it’s not enjoyable anymore, […]

Eternal Life – The Evidence Part 3

In the last two posts we established that there are certain things that can be known with absolute certainty.  Our first evidence is movement itself, our second that which moves. We can’t say that that which moves is matter because that would already be some kind of interpretation which might not describe everything that is […]

Eternal Life – The Evidence Part 1

Over the last two weeks I read two novels by Arthur C. Clarke.  I was quite impressed by the way he tries to tackle subjects about eternity and the meaning of life by conjuring up stories taking these subjects to their utmost conclusion. One story is about the idea of evolving consciousness the other about […]

Not another God, please.

To avoid confusion I like to clarify here that what I understand as primordial awareness is not to be misunderstood as just another way to describe God.  God is a term that is used to describe a higher power that has will and personality.  God is more or less defined as the final delegation of responsibility of […]