Writing about oneself is definitely not the easiest task and not one I particular like. It reminds me too much of job interviews where the interviewer says “Now, tell me about yourself.” and one gets stuck because every word one says will be weighed and measured.  No matter how much I try to plan for it my hands still sweat and I still end up feeling like an idiot afterwards.

What also makes it difficult to write about myself is that I do not like to give my real identity away on the internet.   Where I live we do have freedom of speech but it has already cost some people their life doing so.  The internet is also used more and more by prospective employers to find out about you before they hire you.  It’s easy on a site like this to write something that might offend the one or the other and even though it might not cost your life it could cost your job.

Without giving away my real identity I could basically write whatever I want. I could give myself any kind of identity and people would have to take my word for it. This makes it pretty pointless to have an about page like this.  What we’re really appealing to on a page like this is the gullibility of the wider audience.  It’s a marketing tool where we sell a dream and nothing more.

But now to myself.  I’m handsome, six-foot tall, worked out with finely toned muscles.  I won several gold medals in the Olympics and am still single.  I also own several highly successful businesses each making several millions a year.   When I’m not sitting in my lush New York office or make visits to my many branches all over the world I like to cruise around the Mediterranean in my fifty million dollar yacht.

I hate playing golf but with Donald having built one just recently up in Scotland I could not help admiring the great views and how they tamed the wild sands.  My passion is playing Polo with the Prince of Wales and recently I went bungee jumping with Obama’s wife. What a great sport she is.  The great thing about having money, you make a lot of interesting friends.

The greatest lesson I have learned in life is to be humble.  People really don’t like it if you show off your wealth.  Being rich can make one pretty lonely, especially in the crowds when everybody recognises you and all you want to do is to hide.  All we want is to live an ordinary life, like everybody else, just with a little bit more comfort. What could be wrong with that?

I have a great heart and love to give of myself.  It causes me so much pain each time I hear another employee topped himself  after all the efforts we made to provide them with jobs that help them feed their families.    Their countries are so poor and this is why we make an extra effort to reach out to them by moving jobs from here to there.   It is amazing how you can be charitable like that and end up making more money than before. It just proofs that you can’t out-give God.  The more you give  to the poor the more you receive in turn.


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