The Al-Qaeda Mystery

Time has moved on and nobody wants to talk about 9/11 anymore.  Other affairs have taken the limelight like Egypt, Syria and now the American  government shutdown.  Like the Kennedy murder another crime goes into history and nobody dares to tackle it because everybody’s too scared.  Those who aren’t are either ridiculed as conspiracy theorists or, if they pose a threat, silenced in one way or another.

The media which should hold our governments accountable and challenge them on the official versions of events have betrayed us by not doing their job.  Even the BBC, which still has a reputation for unbiased news coverage, has for some strange reason failed to point out the discrepancies in the official version around 9/11 with the exception of a three part documentary by Adam Curtis “The Power of Nightmares” which documents the rise of Neo-Conservatism in America and compares it with the radical Islamic movements in the middle-east.   In this documentary Curtis demonstrated how ideologists create the fiction of a powerful enemy to unite the people for mass control and how 9/11 was used as a spring board to create this myth.

This is not the first time this happened.  In the past they created a nightmare vision of an ‘evil’ communist Russian empire which had nothing better to do than to device ways to infiltrate and overthrow the democratic West.   This myth was created behind which the public could rally to justify any action against countries and organisation that embraced communist ideas.  With the fall of Russia however a new myth was needed with another Stalin as the face of it.   Without such a myth, the Neo-Conservatives believe that our society is in danger of falling apart.  According to them we need a powerful enemy to unite the people and give them meaning.

It is amazing how soon after the WTC attack Bin Laden was heralded all over the media as the leader of a vast network of terrorist cells all over the world called Al-Qaeda.  Nobody dared to check the sources or made any serious attempts to verify the facts before releasing the news to the public.  Even today, twelve years later, we’re still not told the truth, one of which is that there never has been an Al-Quaeda network before 9/11.  Bin Laden only began using this term after he found out that this is the term the Americans are using to refer to him and his group.

Anybody who wants to inform himself on what exactly Al-Quaeda is and what it isn’t should read the excellent book by Jason Burke “Al-Qaeda”.  It’s a real eye-opener.

In the nightmare vision Al-Qaeda is a network of terrorist cells all over the world with the only aim to target the West because it hates democracy and western values.  The truth however is that there is no Al-Qaeda network but there are many loosely organised Islamic groups who do want to attack the West not because they hate democracy or western values but because of Western foreign policy, especially American, and their support for Israel.    The politicians tell us that it’s a war against terror, against fundamentalists outside of mainstream religion, in other words we’re fighting madmen.  The reality however is different. What we’re really fighting is a religious war.

Here is the definition of Al-Qaeda on the internet:

An international organization of loosely affiliated cells that carry out attacks and bombings in the attempt to disrupt the economies and influence of Western nations and advance Islamic fundamentalism.

Here is another:

a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups; has cells in more than 50 countries

Here is what Al-Qaeda really means:

“Foundation”, a classic written by Isaac Asimov and published in 1951.  It was translated into Arabic under the title “al-Qaeda”

An unrelated fact, maybe, which demonstrates that al-Qaeda means ‘foundation’, or ‘base’ and in this sense any military group can refer to itself as ‘al-Qaeda, the base, as in “Let’s get back to base”.  There are possibly bases of military groups in many countries and as such al-Qaeda indeed is international with ‘cells’ all over the world, which doesn’t indicate in the least if these ‘cells’ are terrorist run.

That Asimov’s novel carries the same title however could be more than a coincidence.  From the point of view of Muslims Isaacs’ Foundation’ could be interpreted as the religion of Islam being under attack by an evil empire,  which needs to be defended at all cost, even one’s own life.   This would mean that al-Qaeda = Islam, and that the West is not fighting a terrorist network but Islam itself.  However, as long as the West can’t face up to it that it is fighting a religious war and not a war on “terror” and tries to keep up the myth of an exaggerated evil network of terrorist madmen called ‘Al-Qaeda’, it will fight a loosing battle.


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