The 9/11 Anniversary – Will the truth be finally told?


Today is the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 and we’re still not any the wiser as to who actually committed the crimes.  The idea of al-Quaida being behind it is ludicrous for many reasons.  This conspiracy theory which had been made popular through the government and popular media has four planes being hijacked by inexperienced pilots who weren’t able to fly small planes.  Suddenly they managed to fly big airliners with accurate precision.  One pilot especially must be singled out as vastly superior to all pilots, being able to fly a plane from the most difficult angle at such high speed into the Pentagon that even the most experienced pilots admit they couldn’t pull it off.  Truly, they must have been guided by supernatural forces, who know; maybe Allah himself had a hand in this.

But alas, there’s nothing supernatural about this attack but pure evil human genius.   The media has been telling the public what the American government wanted them to hear.  What they didn’t want the public to hear was that they had a hidden agenda, namely to overcome the difficulty of an unwilling international community to sanction war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

The problem: Iraq was too keen to comply with the constant demands put on them to prove they don’t have weapons of mass destruction.  They were keen for good reasons.  Heavy sanctions had been imposed by the United Nations Security Council in 1990 leading to the death of over half a million children (which only includes ages six and under).  The mortality rate of children under the age of 5 had more than doubled in 10 years, UNICEF reckoned that in state-controlled areas of Iraq, the mortality rate of children under the age of 5 had more than doubled in 10 years and officially estimated between 5000 and 7000 children under the age of five died each month during this time. The Iraq Health Ministry however put this number higher, publishing statistics averaging the dead each month in 2000 to 11,000 (8182 died from diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition in January, 2000, alone, compared with 389 death the same month of 1989, the year before the trade embargo started).

The Foreign Affairs Journal stated that under the guise of demanding Iraq’s disarmament, the United Nations had succeeded in killing more Iraqi people with its sanctions policy than all the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction ever used in history, combined.  One needs to take some time out and let that sink in.

Iraq had every reason to comply with the demands because the sanctions were killing its people. However, the more they tried the more demands were made for more inspections and eventually Iraq refused to let any more inspectors in unless the sanctions would be lifted.  However instead of a peaceful solution America and its allies chose war and bombed Iraq in 1998 for four days under the code name ‘Operation Desert Fox’.

According to William Arkin, a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst, the operation had less to do with weapons of mass destruction and more with destabilising the Iraqi government.

…careful study of the target list tells another story. Thirty-five of the 100 targets were selected because of their role in Iraq’s air defence system, an essential first step in any air war, because damage to those sites paves the way for other forces …

Is it a coincidence that five years later the invasion of Iraq by the United States begun? How was it made possible for America to justify a war against Iraq and to gather the international support it did?

How convenient that on the 11th of September 2001 America was under attack by apparently terrorists linked to the so called al-Qaida.  Immediately the Bush Administration began planning the invasion of Iraq, a memo by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defence, written on Nov 27, 2001 which included the question “How start?”, listing multiple possible justifications for a US-Iraq war.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly links were drawn between 9/11 and Iraq when the perpetrators were supposed to be linked with Osama bin Laden and al-Quaida.  Iraq would be the last suspect on the list to consider having any links with it so how come it was the first on the agenda?

The strangest thing is how Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney can claim not to have known about any planned attack against the WTC when CIA assets have warned the government over and over again.  It was as if they didn’t want to know, as if they wanted to let it happen.  However considering it in the light of finding ways to justify war in Iraq one can see how such an attack can play into the hands of ruthless politicians.


9/11 was welcome by the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney gang, because it gave them all the justification to dish out new laws to take away rights from the American citizen that until then had been protected by their constitution.  The so called ‘patriot act’ is one of the most undemocratic pieces of work that clearly must have already been in the works long before 9/11 to get approved so quickly since.

It can also be seen clearly now how this unpatriotic ‘patriotic act’ is being abused to be used not just against terrorists, but against its own citizens like Susan Lindauer, a CIA asset, who is one of the few who had direct knowledge of what was really going on between America and Iraq, who was gagged and imprisoned under the ‘patriot act’ to prevent her from speaking out what she knew.  The same thing happened to other CIA assets involved, too. (And people keep on saying, that if the government was involved, they could not keep it a secret, well, they can now with the patriot act).

It is hard to say what really happened on 9/11.  The FBI identified 19 hijackers within days after the attack but the more we learn about them the more we struggle to understand how these people who were neither very religious, who were seen drinking and using prostitutes days and weeks before, would want to kill themselves in a suicide mission?  They might have been involved with terrorist groups but they don’t fit the profile for people who like to throw their lives away for a promise of virgins in paradise.

The FBI was so quick in identifying all 19 hijackers because apparently Mohamed Atta’s luggage didn’t make the connection from his Portland flight to American Airlines Flight 11.  Conveniently it contained a list of all 19 hijackers, videotapes for flying large aircraft, flight plans and of course a copy of the Quran.  I wonder why you would want to carry that kind of luggage on an airplane that you plan to fly into the WTC building? If the luggage was expected to go up in flames in the attack, wouldn’t burning the ‘holy book’ be a sacrilege preventing them from entering paradise?  Any Muslim on a suicide mission would not want to put the holy book which is so revered in Islam into any risk of touching the ground or being destroyed.  If Atta really was thinking of hijacking the plane and flying it into the WTC, he would not have packed the Quran.

This leaves only a few possibilities:

1. Atta had nothing to do with the hijacking and the evidence was planted.
2. Atta was doing the hijacking but without any intention to fly them into the WTC.
3. Atta hijacked and flew the plane into the north tower of the WTC but the evidence was planted to implicate others.

In my opinion the second one is the most likely version.  I belief that a plan existed to hijack the planes but not to run them into the WTC.  This theory would explain a lot because in this scenario it wouldn’t be required of the hijackers to be experienced pilots.  They just needed enough pilot experience to hijack the planes and force the pilots to land it where they wanted it to.  The hijacking in this case wasn’t a suicide mission but just an ordinary attempt to use the passengers as hostages to make demands on the government for whatever they wanted.  This also would explain why the Quran was in the luggage as Atta never had any thoughts that it might not survive the journey.

This of course raises the question, what caused the planes to fly into the WTC?  So far it has always been assumed that to fly them into the WTC, Pentagon and White House was the intend of the hijackers and no attempt has been done in my knowledge to find an alternative version that fits more with the profile of the characters involved.

What if the planes had been rigged in the same way the WTC buildings had been rigged with explosives.  For those who don’t know: the evidence analysed by experts since 9/11 is pretty conclusive that all three buildings have been brought down via controlled demolition which requires explosives.  The two towers were designed to withstand planes, even airliners,  to crash into them.  The idea that fuel melted the steel pillars has been disproved as  steel melts at 1425 to 1530 Celsius (2600 -2800 Fahrenheit) and the maximum temperature of Jet fuel is around 980 Celsius.

The next theory was that the steel did not melt but buckle.  This theory is also very unlikely as steel is a very good conductor of heat.  Even though at around 700 Celsius steel can be weakened, it is unlikely that even this temperature could have been reached by ordinary Jet fuel fire.  It would require the steel to be placed into a furnace. The WTC, although  burning intensively was nothing like it.   There was not enough oxygen supply to keep the fire burning and the black smoke that came out of the building was indicative of an oxygen starved fire.

Yet, we have evidence of molten steel.

Molten metal was found at ground zero and the question needs to be asked, if not Jet fuel, what caused it to melt? The answer is nano-thermite.  Dust samples taken from ground zero has been analysed and demonstrable shown to contain the tell tale signs that indeed nano-thermite was used.

Even with the best intentions there is no way to explain in any other way how three buildings (of which one, WTC 7, had no plane crashing into it) came down in exactly the same way as one expects from a controlled demolition.  To bring buildings down like this takes days, often weeks of expert planning to make sure that the building collapses into itself.  The pillars have to be prepared to fall into the building and not outside of it through special cuts and the explosives have to be timed to go off at exactly the same time.

If so much planning was spent in making sure that the WTC buildings come down the way they did, it is not in the least surprising then if we find evidence that the planes itself were sabotaged to thwart the hijackers plan and force them on a course they never intended.  Planes can run on autopilot, it might just be possible that it was reprogrammed to fly into the WTC buildings.  This would explain how inexperienced pilots could fly the plane so well they did.  It wasn’t them flying at all but a computer. In fact we know that when they made an announcement intended for the passengers but was overheard by the people in the control tower instead, that they were going to land at the airport.   Panic broke out when they realised they couldn’t control the plane, and neither could the airliner pilots.  The plane flew itself.

But coming back to the luggage. Finding plans of the hijacking, copies of a testament and the Quran in the luggage of Mr Atta was just too convenient. It’s also strange that Abdulazis Alomari’s passport was found in this left-behind luggage.  Does this mean that this hijacker managed to get on the plane without a passport?  And of course, not to forget, a copy of his last will and testament was there also.  This of course seals it that he would die for the cause.

The whole thing is as subtle as when Johnelle Bryant told ABC’s “World News Tonight” how he was approached by Atta who insisted that he spelled his name as ATTA, that he originally was from Egypt but had moved to Afghanistan, that he was an engineer and dreamed about going to flight school.  And of course he asked about the Pentagon, the White House and wanted to know all there’s to know about security at the WTC.  And to add the icing on the cake he even mentioned Osama bin Laden “this man would someday be known as the world’s greatest leader.”


This would be funny if it wasn’t for all those men, women and children in Iraq who had to pay with their lives because of it.  Over 100.000 innocent civilian deaths in Iraq, this is way more than died in 9/11 and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Innocent people were killed and maimed because of a corrupt American government.  Who will bring the murderers of those innocent people to justice?  Will Obama raise to the challenge and start cleaning up the politics in his own country before he tries to bomb yet another country in a self-righteous cause?


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