A reason to live

As an atheist one is often challenged to explain the reason for living.  One could look at life as a playground where the ultimate goal is to have as much fun as possible.  Once the fun is over it’s time to go.  There’s no point in going on with life if it’s not enjoyable anymore, or is there?

I sometimes hate my job and lately it’s causing me a lot of stress, so much that I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and giving up.  My partner wants children and I don’t, at least not now, and it’s going to be hell either way.  Decisions are made for us and we don’t want to go along with them but we’re not given any choice or the choices we have lead to one problem or another.  We want to be independent, enjoy freedom and yet are slaves to a system that makes us do things we don’t want to for the sake of earning a wage and many other reasons.

We are inundated with pressures from all angles, family, work, friends, inland revenue, bills, you name it, and they can make life hell for us.  It’s hard to stay on top with all the demands that the world makes 0n us and living is just not fun anymore.  Why do we want to continue with a life that doesn’t bring us happiness?   What hope do we have that all our efforts to keep up with these demands, with all all these pressures and all those things that cause so much suffering, that it will pay off in the end?  Is it retirement that we’re hoping will bring us that last ounce of real joy when all burdens are lifted? Maybe we have saved up some funds to allow us to go and spent the rest of our lives somewhere tropical, a house on the beach or a place in the Provence, or a cottage in the countryside where grandchildren can come and visit ?

If we’d only believed in a god, than we could be looking forward to a place in heaven, a mansion on clouds with personal visits from the creator himself, Jesus, or maybe a man’s paradise, a wonderful place filled with 72 virgins with white transparent skin, black eyes, hymen always intact and always ready to pleasure the man who is given the strength of 70 men (with promises like that, does anybody wonder  that so many men go for this religion? It puzzles me, though, what women see in it, but, hey, if he got the strength of 70 men and an organ that never goes flat, hey-yo).

Religion caters for the most fundamental needs of humanity, but it does so in a cheap way.  “Come to Jesus, and all your sins will be forgiven and you will be allowed into heaven, a place of constant bliss” or “Come to Allah and you will have the best sex in your life”.   Christianity might sound more spiritual by focusing on pleasures that are more ‘refined’ but in reality boils down to the same thing, the promise of eternal pleasure in a life after death as reward for submitting oneself to religion in the here and now.  For many this is a reason to adopt religion but it’s not a reason to live.

What is a reason to live?

I’m an atheist and I believe that life is eternal.   I belief that there is no beginning nor end but a duty on every living person to make this world a better place for the next generation.  I belief this because all of us, you, me and everybody else, all of us who live today will also live in the generations to come.  Life doesn’t just stop it goes on forever.  We might never remember yet the particles and molecules that shaped us into who we are always existed and will re-arrange themselves again into whatever life-form is going to be.  What makes us alive is not just a fluke, it is an eternal reality. This is what I belief and gives me the reason to live and work on making this world a little bit better (or so I hope).   Who knows, one day we might thank ourselves for it.


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