He who shouts the loudest

It’s a long time that I have been writing on my blog.  Work had been too demanding and the few hours that remained after work were spent with my family.  I admire people who manage to maintain an active work-life and still find the time to do many disciplined things like writing on the site.  When I arrive home from work I’m usually like a sucked dry fruit that collapses into itself.

Two weeks ago I went to the city centre where I saw a group gathered around somebody standing on a box, holding a microphone in one hand and swinging a bible in the other.  He was backed by a group of missionaries standing behind him. It wasn’t easy going for him, though, the people around him kept challenging him with lots of questions and there was quite some outrage.

One young man was upset about being told that his mother is in hell because she recently committed suicide.   An outraged mother pushed through the crowd with her daughter who was crying beside her. “Look what you’v done to my daughter with your scare tactics about telling people they go to hell”.   Others were upset about remarks about homosexuality.

Somebody challenged the preacher about contradictions in the bible which he vehemently denied.  When he was confronted with the evidence he increased the volume and kept on shouting louder learned phrases over and over again.  A young boy, fifteen or sixteen years old, also came to the front to challenge the preacher about how one can know which religion is true when each claims that only they are the true ones.  How can we know that the bible is correct and not the Koran or other so called holy books.

The preacher again evaded the question and continued with dumb repetitive phrases.  However, the crowd would not let him and demanded answers. The preacher gave up and another missionary took the microphone.  He also only lasted a few minutes when a third with a strong voice took over.   This however outraged the crowd even more who kept insisting to get real answers and not being preached at.  Eventually the police showed up wanting to know what was going on.

I was very pleased to see that there are young people who were able to withstand the onslaught of irrational doctrine with sound arguments.  It was a rare sight and showed off the stupidity of many Christian preachers who don’t even know their own scriptures which clearly demands of their preachers to be able to proof what they say.

Early Christians had a completely different concept of truth than Christian these days .  Nowadays most Christians are like parrots, only able to repeat what they hear from the pulpit without ever checking if those things they hear are actually true.  It goes like this:

In the bible it says that God’s word is truth.  The bible is God’s word and therefore it is truth.  I belief this because the bible tells me so.


The pastor says I have to listen to him because he speaks God’s word.  He says it’s written in the bible.  The bible is God’s word therefore I have to listen to my pastor.

Do these people ever question why they belief rubbish like this?

1. The bible is not God’s word and this is nowhere claimed anywhere in scripture (scripture speaks about God’s word in a different sense, it’s never meant literal as the voice of God would have come through the prophet).  The bible is a collection of sixty-six books (more or less, depending which bible) which were compiled into a canon relatively late in history.   These books are considered holy by Jews and Christians but this did not imply that they collectively are God’s Word in a literal sense.  They are books that in their eyes witness God’s relationship with his chosen people.  It is only God’s word in the sense that one can draw moral guidance from it’s teachings. For example there are many episodes where God was with his chosen people because they obeyed him, helping them to win victories in battle, however when they were disobedient, they would loose and suffer.  Moral of the story – Do what the Prophet tells you.

2. There’s no original or definite bible but many versions.  If we want to follow Scripture literally we would have to know exactly which version, which translation, which interpretation.

3. The bible has been demonstrably altered to suite political causes.  For example up to the fourth book of Moses Israel is encouraged to worship where they live, only in the fifth are they suddenly expected to bring their sacrifices to Jerusalem and worship at the temple.  Religion is a great unifying force that politicians were well aware of.

4. The stories in the bible cannot be trusted to be true.  For example the virgin birth stories are complete fabrications.  Paul clearly didn’t belief in a virgin birth as according to him Jesus is of the seed of David.  In fact the virgin birth is never ever mentioned anywhere else.  They are also unbelievable stories because they completely contradict each other (Luke has Mary and Joseph living in Nazareth while Matthew has them living in Bethlehem and only turn to Nazareth after they come back from Egypt because they feared Herod’s son Archelaus who ruled Judea).  This is just one contradiction of many.

There is no holy book and no holy person.  Nobody and nothing is beyond scrutiny.  We need to question everything or we fall prey to scheming people who either want to enrich themselves, build their kind of empire or fight an unholy war.

Preachers are in most cases dishonest people who care little for the truth.  Missionaries that come to our cities need to be resisted as they prey on the weak like wolves who single out the weak sheep.  They say “This is the truth” but when challenged can never bring one single shred of evidence to back up their claim.  They say “It’s the sick that need a doctor” but they then drag the sick away and make them even sicker.  They promise answers but instead twist the mind through systematic brainwashing in their churches, temples and mosques until the constant hypnotic preaching of the same lies over and over again makes them belief in them.

And the idea of brotherhood is very intoxicating indeed, even so far that it can alter a peaceful person into a violent or hysteric person doing things the person otherwise never would have done.  There are many sad stories where families have been split because of religion (Christians of course will quote the famous  line about Jesus not having come to bring peace but the sword, to divide families, etc. )   Anything can be justified in the name of God and it’s not that long ago that Christians tortured and burned witches alive because they believed that it was merciful to do this.  They thought that it’s better for those wicket people to experience pain here on earth and given the chance to repent than suffer eternal damnation in hell.  If you really belief that than it can easily follow to commit atrocities while thinking one is doing good.





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