Eternal Life – The Evidence Part 2

In the last post I spoke about movement and how we can be absolutely sure that movement always existed and always will. It is an absolute fact.  Sure, there have been lots of attempts to explain how something can come out of nothing, but honest, guys, how futile is such an exercise. 

Some readers of my last blog might think, so what if there was always movement, what’s the big deal.  It’s quite a big deal, actually, if one takes the time to think about the implications.  Often people, when confronted with questions about life after death or the origin of life, give snap answers like “What’s the point” or “We’ll never know the truth”.  Some clever ones might even quote the so called Socrates paradox “I know (one thing,) that I know nothing”.  The point they try to make is that nobody can know anything with certainty.  

I want to challenge this thinking because as I have shown in my last post it is well possible to know certain things with absolute certainty.  The problem is that most people only focus on the things they don’t know and than try to defend them as if they did.  Religious fanatics are willing to die for the things they belief even though there’s no way to proof any of their claims. 

Now, to proof a theory one has to first try to disproof it and then weigh up the pro and cons.  There are scientists out there who try to prove that everything came out of nothing.   The big bang theory (not the sitcom)  for example was George Lemaitre’s attempt in trying to proof how God could create everything from nothing (well, he denies it, but can you really separate science from religion so cleanly? ;-)) 


Lawrence Krauss also tried to tackle this difficult subject and even wrote a book about it “A universe from nothing”.  Krauss is of course not saying that everything was created out of nothing in a biblical sense, but that there is a zero point where positive and negative energies cancel each other out.  A zero point field could be described as the closest thing to nothing but it really isn’t. One could better describe it as a gateway or a crossing point where energies collapse into each other and re-emerge.  

Lets assume, however, that a zero point field was in stasis, that energies once collapsed into each other do not cross but remain cancelled out. Let’s further imagine that this really represents nothing. If this was possible all it would proof is that our universe might collapse one day into nothingness.  All the positive energies and the negative energies just dissolve, eat each other up.  But what then? Could this ‘nothing’ spontaneously erupt and create a new universe?  How would this be possible if there is no agent acting on it and no internal drive?  It can’t. Without something moving it would be permanent stasis.

Movement is an eternal fact. None of the theories brought forward to explain a universe out of nothing has ever contradicted this. 

Now with movement as an absolute eternal fact we can ascertain more facts.  For there to be movement there has to be something that can be moved. Where there is nothing, nothing is moving.  

The way I formulated this last sentence it places ‘nothing’ at a locality.  Lets imply (continuing with the thoughts from before) that at a theoretical point in time there are universes collapsing into nothing.  For an infinite small fraction of a millisecond where the particles collide with antiparticles, negative energies with positive, the universe is cancelled out until a new universe emerges.  If all universes collapsed at exactly the same time then we indeed would have a point in time where absolute nothing exists, at least concerning universes.  At least so it appears, there’s no space, no time, nothing whatsoever … except … something’s moving , something that causes the re-emergence or the big bang.  


That which moves is neither matter nor energy but that which shapes them, particles and antiparticles floating in and out of existence (if one could say so).  However we want to describe it or whatever is or will be the correct scientific term, they do exist because without them there could be no movement and if there’s no movement I’m not writing and you’re not reading this.

So, being late let’s cut it short. Let’s wrap it cleanly into a look-through plastic bag and carefully place it on our evidence table: “Exhibit 2”. 



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