Eternal Life – The Evidence Part 1

Over the last two weeks I read two novels by Arthur C. Clarke.  I was quite impressed by the way he tries to tackle subjects about eternity and the meaning of life by conjuring up stories taking these subjects to their utmost conclusion. One story is about the idea of evolving consciousness the other about how mankind has achieved immortality and is set hundred of millions of years into the future.

The idea of eternity is one that has baffled mankind ever since history knows.  I have a book in my possession which contains detailed instructions written thousands of years ago of how to attain eternal life. Most believers also have books according to their religion that promises eternal life or threaten with eternal hell.  Usually there are conditions that are tied in with the promises which are usually very convenient for those who make themselves spiritual masters.

What causes people to follow religion?  At the bottom of most reasons is the fear of death.  People are afraid of the unknown and they will cling to anything or anybody that promises them answers.  Unfortunately most of them are taken for a ride by scrupulous people who are lying to them, telling them that they know the truth.  It doesn’t matter which religion and how nice or sincere their spiritual leaders are, they are all liars if they claim to know the truth.


Eternal life is something that nobody can promise, and especially not in terms of heaven or hell.  How exactly life after death takes shape can be anybodies guess as nobody has ever come back to tell us, not even Jesus.  He’s not here amongst us, and neither is Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna or who-else might be imbued with special godlike attributes.

I know, Christians will disagree and claim “But I know Jesus, I met Him personally” and it usually boils down to some kind of obscure experience.  


I also spoke with Muslims on Ramadan who told me about how wonderful close they feel to their God when they pray, one Muslim even describing it as an experience like cuddling with your dad.  I’m not surprised, if you pray long enough to any imagined figure you will develop warm feelings of awe and be driven to tears, so real can that experience become.  I should know because I have done it myself and was absolutely convinced that I experienced the ‘Holy Spirit’.

Back to eternity.

I can proof that eternity is real.  I do not want faith but hard facts and so do you.  We all deserve better than what those preachers are peddling in their churches, mosques and temples.  We deserve to be told the truth and I intend to do nothing less.

How can we go about proofing what is real? For a start there is no way to empirical proof anything that goes beyond what can be observed and measured.  Our lives are too short and our memories don’t stretch far enough to go anywhere near something that could be called a beginning and we have no way of telling the future.  However, in spite of all this there are ways to know the truth.

Fact 1: Movement is eternal.

This is one truth we can know with absolute certainty that there never has ever been any moment in time when there was no movement.  Thomas of Aquinas has spent much of his time finding answers to this and coined the phrase “Prime Mover” for God.  He also stumbled on this incredible fact that there was never a first movement but that movement must have existed for all time.  However, to be political correct in his own time and since being part of the ecclesiastical establishment he didn’t want to rock the boat too far. Of course God had to be the first mover. He is the beginning of everything.

Saint_Thomas_Aquinas_17But what exactly does this mean if God is the first mover?  Surely God could not have created the first movement for if he did, how would something like this have been accomplished if he himself was not already moving in some way and fashion?

A first movement is a paradox that is impossible to resolve.  If there was no movement  then there was also no God and nothing that could have caused a first movement.  To say that God was the first mover would imply that God is stasis, completely unmoveable, but if unmoveable, how could he be the cause of anything?

Therefore we can say with absolute certainty that movement has always existed.


What about the future, can we guarantee that there will always be movement?  What about in billions and trillions of years multiplied by numbers we cannot imagine, is it not possible that everything eventually will slow down? –  the stars like our sun burn out and everything there is just fizzing out into nothingness?

I say unlikely – highly unlikely – for considering that there is no point in history that we could ever go back to as a beginning there will also be no point in the future where we will finally arrive.  Sure, stars will burn out, universes disappear or dissolve into something we cannot even imagine what.  Is it cyclic?  I think more in terms of infinite possibilities where for all eternity something new replaces the old.  What exactly that means I don’t know – yet – but about one thing I’m sure, movement goes on and with it there will always be life of one form or another.

Anyway, I think we can we can say now that with 99.999999…% certainty that movement always existed and so I put it on the evidence table and label it “Exhibit 1”.




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