The Challenge Of Our Generation


What if we could proof once and for all what really caused everything to come into being? This, I believe, is the challenge of our generation.  The world right now is at crisis point.  The planet we live on can’t take much longer the abuses it is subjected to because of our carelessness.  Something has to shift or there will be another catastrophe that will wipe out humanity as we know it.

There have been many such catastrophes in the past, one which is especially remembered in nearly all cultures,  a worldwide flood that wiped out most of mankind.  We find the earliest recordings of this flood in Mesopotamian writings.


For example Gilgamesh is an old Sumerian story that has been told and retold over many centuries.  In it we can read about a man called Atrahasis (or Utana’ishtim, man of Shuruppak, son of Ubartut) who being close to his god overhears that the gods are planning to destroy mankind with a flood.  In many details the story is very similar to the biblical story which of course is not that surprising considering that Abraham grew up in Sumer (The name Noah possibly an abbreviation of (Uta)-na’ish(tim), na’ish being pronounced ‘Noah’).

Gods in Mesopotamian mythology are actually very human with physical characteristics.  They were basically miners and canal builders and like us humans they constantly complained about the work and pleaded with their superiors to find ways to ease their heavy burden.

Aztec Tlazolteotl mother goddessToday we have machinery but then the answer was to create some kind of subspecies. The blood and flesh of a sacrificed god together with that of a primordial man (homo erectus?) was mixed with clay and implanted into the womb-goddess Mami who gave birth to the first humans.

It seems however that this subspecies gave those gods more problems than they liked.  This species bred like rabbits leading constantly to overpopulation and caused a great deal of noise that annoyed those gods.  Every so often the gods had to decimate them by sending diseases, droughts and of course the flood.

When we come to the bible we find a much more developed story and it can be seen that scribes had worked hard on it to harmonise the various stories that existed into one more or less coherent piece.  The gods (Elohim) have been replaced with YHWH.  Now, there’s something very interesting about this word.  Jahwe originally would have been just one god amongst many, a desert tribal god,  but the letters also encrypt a very special meaning.  They are three letters:

  1. Yud
  2. Heh
  3. Vav

These three letters can be used as suffixes for personal pronouns.  Yud then means “me”, Heh means “her” and Vav means “him”.   It could be defined as the trinity of Me, Her and Him.  This would also throw more light on some of the cryptic statements we read in the New Testament where Paul while in Athens quotes the Cretan philosopher Epimenides: “For in him we live and move and have our being”.

We live in God because YHWH is Me, Him and Her.  One could say that God is the totality of everything there is and within this totality we have our being.

With this understanding it would be wrong for anybody to say that any person is God or that God is a person, because as an individual nobody can be God.  God therefore is not a personal God but he’s only personal in the sense of how we humans collectively experience ourselves as part of this totality.

The problem with religion is that it puts the emphasis on individual improvement because it believes in a personal perfect ideal.  It claims that all humans are inferior and lacking and therefore demands of its followers that they adhere to creeds and that they make themselves acceptable to God through purification, sanctification, obedience, self-flagellation and/or self-sacrifice, etc.

This religious drive to always having to better oneself to make oneself acceptable to his god causes all kinds of problems in the world because every religious person lives in the delusion that he has found the right god, the right way.  He also sees it as his mission in life to convert everybody else from the ‘errors’ of their ways.  Some do it in a peaceful way by preaching and trying to be examples for others to follow, others want to do it by force. In any case they have a sense of superiority that makes them think they know better than everybody else.  If only they did know but alas, it’s just belief and they are peddling this belief like car or insurance salesmen. 

The problem is always the same.  Religious people fail to convince through reason and therefore appeal to faith or, if their political environment allows it, through bullying tactics to force people to accept their delusions.  This of course by its nature leads to divisions and eventually bloodshed followed by all kinds of atrocities as we have seen in history and still see today.

Bertrand Russell

Dogma demands authority, rather than intelligent thought, as the source of opinion; it requires persecution of heretics and hostility to unbelievers; it asks of its disciples that they should inhibit natural kindness in favor of systematic hatred (Bertrand Russel “Unpopular Essays”)

I believe that if we can bring final proof of our origins it will be the end of religion and the end of atrocities in the name of false gods. I believe that like the enlightenment movement it will lead to a better world, one that is not based on conflict where people herd around strong leaders to tell them what to belief but where mankind is emancipated and can live responsibly with his neighbours.  

The challenge of our age, as I see it, is for mankind to discover this final proof of our origins. It was not that long ago that people still believed the earth was flat and anybody saying otherwise was denounced as a lunatic, even tortured or burned on the stake for daring to challenge the ‘Word of God’.  It was however through science that the truth eventually prevailed and it resulted in a revolution, the fruit of which we still enjoy today in more freedoms, some form of democracy and the secularisation of our governments so that people can express freely what they believe without fear of being dragged to courts or being killed.

Once the veil is lifted and we know exactly where we come from and what happens to us when we die it will allow mankind finally to become rational – not to be ever driven again by irrational passions that allows unscrupulous people to use them as instruments for their perverse and megalomaniac desires for power.  I believe that our irrationality is based in fear of the unknown and because we can’t figure it out we surrender to those who appear confident and strong in a misguided belief that they must know better.  Once the veil is lifted people will see there’s no god and no devil and the only hell is the one we’re creating because of irrational beliefs.  


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