Not another God, please.


To avoid confusion I like to clarify here that what I understand as primordial awareness is not to be misunderstood as just another way to describe God.  God is a term that is used to describe a higher power that has will and personality.  God is more or less defined as the final delegation of responsibility of our origins and the creator of the laws we operate in.


Awareness on the other hand has no will of its own or a purposeful drive to create laws. Its nature is simply awareness and its drive to replicate simply the natural consequence of dealing with its counterpart, which is unawareness. The process (if it can be described as such) of becoming aware of the unaware side leads to a spontaneous act of expulsion (one could say a distancing itself from unawareness for the sake of discovering it so that it can be re-assimilated again when it has been flipped into awareness.)

Trying to understand the world and the universe from a religious perspective is an impossible task unless we attribute God with having created all that’s good together with all that’s bad, thus making him into a schizoid personality who hurts on purpose so he can heal, kills on purpose so he can resurrect, tortures on purpose so he can comfort.   


The hardest thing for any person who comes to religion is to understand how a loving God can allow sickness and evil in this world.  To reconcile all these realities with a loving God requires a lot of mental acrobatics to create some pseudo-logical framework of references. For example the idea that God gave mankind free will and that mankind chose evil over good is a common explanation.  It does however not explain where the evil comes from in the first place so that mankind could choose it.  At this point religion invents an enemy, a counter agent of God, Satan or the Devil.  

SnakeWomanThe book of Genesis in the bible for example never really explains where the snake came from in the Garden of Eden who tempted Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge. The explanation was given by prophets at a later time who speak of the cherub Lucifer,  the bright and morning star, an angel of light, who walked the garden of Eden with God.

The interesting thing is that this cherub (angel) is described as having been perfect until iniquity was found in him and again it does not explain where iniquity or evil comes from and how it entered this most perfect angel of all angels. (It speaks of a multitude of merchandise that have filled the midst of him with violence but doesn’t explain how it happened that a perfect being like him, created by God and exalted by Him, became so corrupted)

If we can learn one thing from the bible is that evil is a consequence of dualism (the tree of knowledge of good and evil).  If we replace God with Awareness and Adam and Eve with Unconsciousness it could describe how the process of becoming conscious is what caused ‘the fall’.  The snake who deceived Eve is simply the symbol of a transmitter, that which communicated to consciousness the fact that there is also an unconscious aspect and triggered thus the first cause of separation. (It is interesting that the snake has been used in history by many cultures as a symbol of dualism, possibly because of it’s venom being both poison that kills and used for healing.)


By eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil (consciousness and unconsciousness), an unstoppable event was put into motion of constant expulsions. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden by God in the way that awareness (once the conscious part becomes aware of the unconscious part) is expelled.  Separation from God is in this sense a constant process of separation. To become united again with God the ‘sinner’ has to repent, turn his back to this world (the unconscious) and become redeemed (conscious).

If we take the creation story as simply a human way to explain our origins it is possible to actually read something really meaningful into it. Religion however has taken these allegories and insisted that they were to be taken literal.  It is at this point where I can feel with Jesus when he accuses the Pharisees:

Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.


One thought on “Not another God, please.

  1. The problem in religion is literalism which makes it hard to work with what is in essence metaphors of creative natural processes.

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