How the Universe was born


If we could speak about a beginning I’d say the universe was born out of awareness.  Of course, the question must be raised ‘why awareness’?  How can everything in this universe that we see today originate from pure awareness?

To answer this question we first have to establish what awareness is not:

  • Awareness is not memory
  • It is not recognition
  • It is not thought processes that try to make sense of the world around us
  • It is not a feeling.  

How precisely we want to define awareness is of course up to each persons own philosophy but for this discussion let’s agree that awareness is a type of state where things are perceived without any processes going on.  In an a priory case there are of course no things, the thing being awareness itself. 

I try to explain what I mean by inventing my own creation story.   Although consciousness is more or less a synonym of awareness, I use it here together with the unconsciousness as attributes of awareness.  Let’s get started:

In the beginning was awareness, no memory, no thought processes, no feelings, simply awareness. There was no space, no universe, nothing existed yet that could be described in any terms we understand today.  There were no elements, no particles, no atoms, no electrons, no protons nor photons, no quarks or anything that we now understand as the building blocks of matter and life.  All that existed was awareness itself and there was nothing else that existed.

Awareness was aware that in itself existed something that it was not aware of. It discovered that like a coin it had two sides, the conscious side and the unconscious side.  Being awareness it could not tolerate the aspects it was unaware of and rejected it, thus the first split happened.  One could say the first cell division only there was yet no cell.


The rejection mechanism of awareness became the first replicator as each rejection was a copy  of itself. Of course with each replication of unconsciousness awareness mutated into something slightly more complex, some kind of switch mechanism that made itself and each copy either predominantly conscious or unconscious.  

The unconscious part became what we describe as matter.  The conscious part became the animating force or what we call life.  Memories, feelings and thoughts are the complexities that arose out of this process.  Memories are stored in the unconscious part as with each replication a state is being created. Each state represents a time-slice.  With each replication a textured landscape was shaped developing into the complex experiences of atoms, cells and the universe we experience today consisting of myriads and myriads of these time-slices.

As humans we’re overwhelmed by the unconscious realm of matter seeing it as a pre-dominant form.  This is however deceptive because that what makes us experience this unconscious dimension is the conscious realm and it is equally matched.  The totality of everything is awareness and therefore there can’t be any real death.  

As humans we’re both conscious and unconscious, memories constantly created and recreated as this replication process goes on.  When we die our consciousness and unconsciousness is absorbed again into primordial awareness.  

To me this theory explains very well how our evolution was kick-started.  It starts with a premise that there always was something. This something must have the ability to create cohesion and a replication process.

By starting from awareness we have cohesion as the fundamental principle because of the conscious and unconscious attributes, and we have the replication process because of the energetic power awareness exerts over consciousness to separate it from unconsciousness.

The separation  process is constant because each split is really a split of itself, thus creating a replication of itself each time also containing the unaware side.  The feedback loop of energy is achieved through the spread of awareness over the unconscious realm that switches back to consciousness and back into the primordial awareness pool.







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