Life Continuance

Does life continue after death?  This is another of those hard questions for which nobody can give a definite answer.  I will try here however to demonstrate a proof concept I discovered by which we can at least determine one thing, the possibility that there might be some kind of continuance after death.

Personally I wish that when I die I would simply stop to exist.   This is however wishful thinking and not based on any fact.  It is the belief held by many atheists based of their understanding of how the world works.

For many atheists the world has evolved via natural selection into the way it is today.  How this evolutionary process started nobody knows but there are theories that after the big bang the earth at some point reached a perfect condition where it was at the right distance from the son, cooled enough to sustain life and having an abundance of elements that through some unknown process spontaneously combined and became animated. In a sense we could say that life as we know it is simply the product of a chance chemical reaction.

Because the world evolved and does not have a guiding principle, at least not by a supernatural authority like god, many atheists assume that once they die, that will be the end of it.  I wished it was true.  However here is what I think where atheists fail to understand something profound.

The fact that we are alive and  are consciously aware of it is something we need to think about more deeply.  What is consciousness?  What does it mean to be aware?

How did it  happen that we became conscious in the first place and how could we ever guarantee that it won’t happen again after we die?

We can’t.

Even if there’s no god and no spirit, the fact that we have become conscious once means that we can become conscious again and again.  The elements and energy that made the first awakening possible can create another over and over and over again.

This life we live might not be the first one we experienced, but we could have been through thousands or millions of lives before.  Now I’m not speaking here of reincarnation but simply the fact that one random chance of gaining consciousness can repeat itself so that in fact we’re experience consciousness all the time, with gaps in-between where we don’t exist which could cover years, decades or even centuries.

Now, if this is true than it would mean that we don’t leave the world behind just for our children, but also for ourselves.  It could even mean that our consciousness gets blended in with the consciousness of people still alive, maybe even that of our children.

In any case, I think I have given strong evidence now through thinking about this, that the likelihood of regaining consciousness in one form or another after death is very likely.  This does not imply having memories for they will be tied in with the previous bodily form but the simple fact that one is suddenly again conscious.  Word’s fail me here to express exactly what I try to say but I hope I gave you an inkling of what it is.







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