The Happy State

I often try to understand what it would mean not to exist.  It must be the happiest state of all.  Just nothing, no consciousness nor conscience, no awareness of anything and no bad feelings.  Perfect bliss, Nirvana  the highest state imaginable.

How wonderful would it be to just fall asleep and never wake up again.

If there is a God and He created eternal life, how cruel would that have been.  Yet life is cruel, full of violence, even in nature. It’s about eating and being eaten, about exploiting others or being exploited. Even the beautiful things in life are cruel, they exist to entrap.

If there was a state of non-existence and we could attain it, it would be paradise, the greatest thing in life. Maybe heaven is the end of all existence: all our anticipation of a better world fulfilled in the vast emptiness of nothingness.

What I fear is not dying or stopping to exist but that life goes on, and on, and on, forever.  Imagine what it would be like if it just stopped, forever, never to be conscious again, never to have another thought, another breath but simply nothing, how beautiful and happy that would be?


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