Lunar 9 and the Big Dipper

ImageAn article on yahoo today about the first successful unmanned mission to the moon, Lunar 9, made me take a closer look at this picture.  If I’m not mistaken it looks as in the night sky above we can see some faint stars which look very much like the Big Dipper.

I was a bit surprised seeing this on an image made on the moon, I thought that the bright light of the moon surface would prevent cameras at that time from showing any stars. I vaguely remember some NASA statement to this effect when they were asked why there are no stars on most of their pictures taken from the Apollo astronauts.

Lunar 9 Big Dipper

These are not the only pictures with stars clearly visible. There are others which also clearly show stars including some with the earth rising.  Makes me wonder how the Russians could do what the Americans couldn’t but I’m sure NASA will have a good explanation for that, too.  I guess it’s something like ‘Oh yeah, our shutters were not slow enough to capture that light from those distant stars’.   Hmm, didn’t they think that people might want to have a proof for what they did up there? ‘Oh yeah, we have moon rocks, that should settle it’, sure, so did the Russians, and they never set foot on the moon.


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