Immigrants versus democracy

If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaugher.

(George Washington)

When political refugees from war torn countries come to the West for shelter they often don’t understand our roots and our freedoms.   They are likely to bring with them the seeds of what caused their trouble in the first place.

It is our duty as a caring and loving host country to help them and do everything in our power to make their stay here as safe and pleasant as possible.   As a nation who has rid itself from the yoke of oppression, be it cruel monarchies or dictatorships like Hitler’s fascism, we understand the hardships and suffering those immigrants had to endure that drove them out of their own home country.  We are eager to extend our love and care and give them sanctuary.

Many immigrants are from Islamic countries and often unfamiliar with Western practices and believes.  It is natural that we often try to help them to find people with a similar background and belief.  We want to alleviate the stress they’re already under by providing them with some kind of environment that they feel more comfortable with.  In all this however we should never forget that we are the host.

The West was also once in the grip of corrupt monarchies and dictatorship but managed to shake off the yoke of oppression to embrace freedom.   This liberty we enjoy today, this era of peace and prosperity did not fall into our lap, generations before us went through hard struggles to achieve it.  It was a long process, fraught with many troubles where many lost their lives as they defied corrupt leaders speaking the truth where truth needed to be told.

The process from a system of intolerant monarchies, oppressive church dominance and fascism into democracy was a gradual one.  Most living today in Europe and the US are born into a tolerant loving free society and sometimes forget that it hasn’t always been like this.  Nevertheless, for most of us it is unthinkable to even consider ever wanting to return to the dark ages.

Islam on the other hand has never gone through the same transformation.  The history of Islam to this day is full of bloodshed, suppression of science and human rights violations.

Islam has never evolved because it believes that the Quran has been dictated to Mohammed by God himself.  For a Muslim to be a good Muslim he must follow the perfect example of Mohammed.   He could never admit that Mohammed’s example was anything less than perfect.  Any criticism against Mohammed and the Quran are strictly forbidden.

With a long tradition of democracy in the West and a theocratic world view in Islam, this is bound to be explosive.  The first confrontation was felt on the subject of free speech.  Those who dared to speak out against Islam in public are now living with death threats, guarded by security guards day in and day out, basically prisoners in their own country.  Our governments are letting them down by not providing adequate protection for the population.  No wonder so many are scared these days to speak out.  Who wants his whole life to be turned upside down and live in fear of being murdered the rest of their lives?

Free speech however is important and if we rescind our rights to express our opinions in whatever shape or form, we are then no longer citizens of a free country but have succumbed to the threads of bullies and murderers.

Immigrants have not the same background as those who have roots in this country dating back into history.  This is our country and our culture and we need to protect our democratic values against those who try to undermine it.  If Immigrants don’t respect our values and make no attempts to integrate into our culture than they don’t belong here.  It is high time that politicians rise to the cause and take action to stop the abuse of our hospitality.


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