I believe in democracy

I never thought this needed to be stated so loudly again, a faith that should be the common good of all.

Each generation of men, like every crop of grain, must be equal to the demand, or disaster will follow. Don’t beguile yourselves into a sense of security. The national freedom for which your fathers fought will only remain with you at the price of eternal vigilance. Believe in the proverb that the might of right will prevail. Study the Constitution of your country and the causes from which it sprung, and appreciate and love its majesty; and the stupendous necessity of maintaining it at any cost being fully revealed to you, posterity will owe to you the same debt of gratitude which you owe to those now gone before.

(Taken from “The nation’s birthday: Chicago’s centennial celebration of Washington’s inauguration, April 30, 1889”)

I admire America for having a constitution and people still willing to fight for its’ values.  Here in Europe it seems we’ve given up and bartered away our freedom for cheap thrills, comfort and a false sense of security.  We can’t get bothered to even discuss the current political state and leave it to dubious politicians to decide for us.  Deluded we fail to realise the early signs of decay in our society and are therefore reluctant to apply the necessary medicine in case we offend.

Free people, wherever you are, realise that the freedom you enjoy had been fought for by men and women to whom it was so important they were willing to die for it.  Don’t sell your birth right for a pot of soup.  Don’t think that things will just sort themselves out or that whatever bad things that might happen might be a long time in the future.  History is full of surprises and those taken by them are history indeed.

It is time to switch off the TV, the pc, the iPods and mobile devices. It’s time to tune out of Facebook, twitter and your favourite games.  It’s time to look around and see who’s there, start a conversation that’s not about football, fashion and celebrity stars.  Speak politics and show interest in the state of your nation. Notice what’s wrong, what needs to be changed.   Take stock of the current state of affair and be courageous to face it square in the eye.  Tackle the wrongs, be a force for good, mobilise your next door neighbour, your workmates and friends and engage them in meaningful debate.

We are privileged to be born in a free country, let’s not forget our duties.  Our nations have been havens for the disowned, given shelter to people fleeing from oppressive regime and spread compassion throughout the world by giving food to starving children, aid to remote villages where droughts brought havoc and great suffering.   We are nations of charity, of willing people to go into remote areas to bring hope to the poorest of the world.  In spite of our governments doing great wrongs in foreign politics as people we do care because the foundations of our home countries are based on love and freedom.  Let us never forget this and be courageous to speak out for democracy and liberty.  Let us make those men and women proud who laid down their lives for us, who dared to speak the truth when the truth needed to be said.


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