Thank God, Christmas’ gone, Hail the blue algave

The whole nation has gone crazy hunting bargains on boxing day and the hereafter.  Spend, spend and don’t forget, who’s your daddy in whom all religions are at last united?  Who cares if you’re a moslem, a buddhist, a  christian or a jew, your money is welcome whoever you are.  Just lay it at the altar of your favourite shop and worship his majesty, the ever so indulgent and reverend capital X.

Pour and pour and keep on pouring your hard earned cash into the deepening abyss of national debt and don’t ask who’s going to pay it off.  There’ll be no point, you’re already owned and once the masters rise you’ll feel the whip soon enough.

A little bit more comfort, a shiny new TV, a small glass of sweet dripping news in a bowl of entertainment trash.  Enjoy the adds, enjoy the show, it’ll be fun all the way down, and down and down, oiled and greased, with sugar and spice, ah, isn’t it nice, down and down the rabbit hole, how deep will it go?, yeah.


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