Only a few days to Christmas and how much I look forward for this madness to be over.  Some say it’s one of the most stressful periods of the year, what should really be a period of reflection has become a war zone.  Instead of spending more time with loved ones we’re acting like sharks at a feeding frenzy.

There’s blood everywhere – earth’s resources ripped from its heart to satisfy cheap thrills at Christmas day, overworked and underpaid workers in China who, in-spite of being made to sign pledges not to commit suicide, still top themselves from their companies roofs.

We run around like headless chickens from shop to shop so we can give kids often younger than six the latest gadgets, the latest fashion clothes made in Taiwan, China, India, or wherever big corporations can get away not to pay taxes, find willing workers to slave endless hours for pennies.  A starving population is always desirable to make capitalism work.  Supply and demand, the mantra of the modern age.

But, let’s not go into all that now, please. It’s Christmas, the season of good cheer.

Happy Christmas


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