The bravest girl in the world

Malala with her family in hospital


Just saw the speech given by the father of Malala.   I was very moved by what he said.  What a wonderful family.  It is also beautiful to see a Muslim family where the girl is the centre of attention which I think means a lot in a society where often sons are preferred.  Sad that it had to happen this way and we can only hope that it will mark a sea-change in the Islamic world to have more respect for women.   I wish Malala a speedy recovery and hope that she will grow to be a strong voice for women in Islam.


2 thoughts on “The bravest girl in the world

  1. Who says that sons are preferred in every Muslim family?
    Muslims who understand the true essence of Islam, have respect for women whether she’s a wife, daughter sister or whatever! 🙂

    • Hi Saira, thank you very much for responding to my blog.

      I didn’t say that sons are preferred in every Muslim family and I’m sure you will agree with me that if we like it or not it is still a common theme in many Islamic communities. Islam is not alone in this, of course. Christianity and Judaism also has a long history of suppressing women. I purposely didn’t say every family because I’m fully aware that there are many Muslim families where girls are as much valued as boys, it’s just unfortunate that this is not happening in the majority of them.

      Unfortunately, instead of essence we see all too often a rather legalistic viewpoint where critical thinking is suppressed in favour of learning by rote. How else can the attempt to kill Malala be explained? Compassion would have told anybody that this is wrong but because of a legalistic interpretation of the Quran even the killing of innocent children can be justified (as the Taliban did by quoting from the Quran).

      Again, thank you so much for answering here and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

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