Is God a Paedophile?

Since latest the Iranian revolution we know what Islam says about child marriages. Ayatollah Khomeini reduced the age a girl can be married to  nine years and was bragging about his ten-year old bride recommending every father to give away their daughters before they see the first blood. We also know about his stand towards sex with babies, as long as it’s not vaginal and the girl is not damaged it’s only a minor offence if at all.  Well, it’s a cultural thing so I guess we’re not supposed to judge too harshly- it’s all about tolerance and understanding.  Hand me a bucket, please.

In the light of this it doesn’t sound so bad that in Christianity God chose a twelve-year-old girl to impregnate her.  In modern society if a man has sex with a twelve-year-old we, including most Christians, call him a paedophile.  So,  how are we making sense of God impregnating a girl as young as that?   Can we say that to impregnate a girl is not the same as having sex with her. I wonder where we would stand today if a man would bring a twelve-year-old girl to the hospital and demand for her to be artificial inseminated with his semen.

But again, times have changed and it was the culture of that time, we’re not to judge. Please, pass me the bucket again.

It is shocking that  a recent video about Mohammed caused such an outrage by Islamic fanatics that it is debated again at the European Court to introduce a Blasphemy Law.    Having seen the video myself I could not understand what the outrage was all about.  Sure, it was a stupid movie,  not even comparable in the slightest to Monty Python’s Life of Brian.  So what if Mohammed is being mocked.  Jesus is mocked all the time and we don’t see Christians gathering in streets burning flags and making death threats.  It’s funny – well actually sad – that these fanatics get so upset about a movie (or cartoons) about Mohammed who died long time ago but seemingly have no issue with the abuse of those who are alive today, the women who are raped and stoned or whipped for daring to seek justice, the girls that are forced into marriage, the mutilation of little girls and the outrageous writings of Ayatollah Khomeini treating girls and women as nothing better than a man’s toy.

All this makes me wonder if religion was invented by paedophiles to give them a mantle under which they can do their disgusting things.  In all religions as far as I can tell women are treated as second class citizens, as possessions, toys, things that men can use and utilize every way they wish.  Think of King David, when he was old, a girl was brought to lie in his bosom to keep him warm.  Was she ever asked?  If David still would have been able to get it up, he could have had sexual relations with her.  How disgusting is this and yet there was no condemnation of this practice at that time.

In all three major religions it’s the same theme.  A male patriarch at the pinnacle with his priesthood of men who are permitted by him to rape little girls and treat them any way they wish as long as they don’t damage the goods so they still can bear children, hopefully sons, and that is their salvation.


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