The Propensity to Believe

We are Magical Beings in a scientific age.  Notwithstanding all the remarkable achievements of our species n terms of understanding and harnessing nature, we are born to magical thought and not to reason. James E. Alcock The real challenge of our age is to liberate ourselves from our own irrational tendencies to believe without questioning. […]

Why should we care?

I’m often asked why we should care about what really happened at 9/11, or the Watergate Scandal, or the Kennedy Assassination.  We’ll never find out so what’s the point in pursuing the truth?  Evidence is destroyed, witnesses silenced, many of them dead by now and those who aren’t don’t dare to speak up out of […]

The Al-Qaeda Mystery

Time has moved on and nobody wants to talk about 9/11 anymore.  Other affairs have taken the limelight like Egypt, Syria and now the American  government shutdown.  Like the Kennedy murder another crime goes into history and nobody dares to tackle it because everybody’s too scared.  Those who aren’t are either ridiculed as conspiracy theorists […]

The 9/11 Anniversary – Will the truth be finally told?

Today is the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 and we’re still not any the wiser as to who actually committed the crimes.  The idea of al-Quaida being behind it is ludicrous for many reasons.  This conspiracy theory which had been made popular through the government and popular media has four planes being hijacked by inexperienced pilots […]